This is not my first Rodeo don’t you know

World of Wargaming Logo

Well I’m here once again blogging from and about my world of wargaming! I had a great little blog (if I do say so myself) over at a blog host for wargaming blogs but when that ended I was a little disheartened and so decided to let it fade away in to the eather, that and the fact that my hobby had taken a beating while my business partner and myself set up Portal Wargaming Centre here in the Midlands of the Uk! But as things are settling with the business and my hobby has began to pick up pace I have had the itch to share dispatches from My World of Wargaming once again!! So here I am again fellow #Warmongers sharing my view of the hobby known as Tabletop Wargaming.

So what can you expect from this blog?

The answer is the odd battle report, painting, hobby and collecting articles as well as a Commission Showcase of any of the commissions that I have done.

As I say this isn’t my first rodeo so join in on this whirlwind ride!



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