Wild West Exodus – Union Force


Union Force

So after receiving the Kickstarter we hurriedly assembled our forces and had a couple of games……I have to say this is an AWESOME game….fast, fun, brutal and thematic!

Fast forward a few weeks…….

Having seen the brilliant paint jobs on the UK Facebook Group I really had to get mine painted and so I set about painting them. I have to say these figures are Soooo detailed and a joy to paint! I have now finished the main force and had a game with them so I took a few pics.


Rolling Thunder and Close Combat Hired Hands


Locust Light Support


Ranged Hired Hands, Captain Sheridan and Heavy Weapon


General Grant & Major Sherman

The game we played was a $750 game and I lost! It was a very close game but the Outlaws held there nerve and my remaining union failed their courage test and fled!

I still have Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and another model left to paint but I am happy to game with the force shown above!!

Hope you all like my WWX force and that you check in for more dispatches from My World of Wargaming!

Scorpius GLC out for now!


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