Another Trip Through The Breach

malifaux logo

Through the Breach once more, to Malifaux we are bound. For riches, for honour and in hope of glory we travel! Join me as I go Breachside and revel in  my tales of adventure.

Ok guys and gals, I am no stranger to the realm and game of Malifaux having played it since first edition.  During that time me and our fellow Malifaux fans from Portal Wargaming enjoyed building, painting and gaming with this system..we even ventured to tournaments as a team!

All was good until the power-creep hit and then we all just stopped playing. NOW Fast forward a couple of years and a new edition has risen……


This is so much better after leveling the characters out! We have now began collecting, building and painting as part of Portal’s #PortalMalifauxResurrection.  This is where we have all pledged to build and paint a crew for a Painting Competition on the 23/4/13.

I have chosen the Hired Swords boxed set and have begun work on them and without further ado he’s some pics of my progress.





Hope you guys like these, which is your favourite?

Scorpius GLC out for now!!


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