A Time For Justice – My First Game of Malifaux 2e

Justice in Malifaux isn’t always served but today Lady Justice has arrived in Firecreek on a mission to serve justice on Perdita Ortega.

Firecreek was one of the first pioneer towns to be created to the East of Malifaux, in the Badlands, by the Portal Company with the permission of the Guild. Expanding on the existing buildings located to the South of the new town. This is the location of the showdown!


After set up we were so excited to get started I forgot to take some pics so after a few moves I took this photo…


The Ortegas went first with the Strategy being Squatters Rights. Nino went first from his spotter location and killed a Death Marshall, another Death Marshall approached the building and placed a scheme marker. The Ortegas moved up with companion putting Perdita on a Squat Marker.





The turns went on and more Scheme Markers were placed by me and more Squat Markers were turned to the side of justice.


The final score was 9-7 for Lady Justice.

I loved the game, its great and I can’t recommend it enough!

Scorpius GLC out for now!


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