Realms Of Battle Intro

Awesome new blog from a great friend, only fair I reblog as we’ll be doing some joint projects in the future! !

Realms of Battle

Welcome everyone to my blog Realms of Battle.

In this blog I will be putting up pic’s of work in progress (wip) tabletop minitures that I will be working on and some deck ideas for mtg and l5r. Also I will be taking pics of my games (mainly tabletop) and any events that Im taking part in.

Theros MTG Champion

I go to my local gaming centre at Portal Wargaming Centre ( in Burton-upon-trent;


They have got 16 6×4 gaming tables for wfb, 40k, and other tabletop games; they have 6 tables for star trek atk wing and star wars x-wing and they have got space for card games and board games like legend of the five rings, heroclix, super dungeon explorer.  There is also space for painting your minitures of which they are making more space for more painting tables there as well.

My painting project

One of my goals for this…

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