SWORDS FOR HIRE – A Malifaux Viktorias Crew

So as you may have realised I have got the Malifaux bug! I have been playing with my old Lady Justice Crew while I have been painting my pledge for the #PortalMalifauxResurrection.

I have decided to break away from my beloved Guild and have gone Outcasts picking the gorgeous Viktorias Crew box called Hired Swords. This boxed set consists of 3 Ronin, Taelor, Student of Conflict, Viktoria of Ashes and Viktoria of Blood. The models are in plastic and I found, with my sausage fingers, that they were VERY fiddley! However I will say that the process was well worth it when you see them all assembled in front of you! These are some sexy women don’t you know!


Viktoria of Ashes & Viktoria of Blood

As you will see from my photos I have scratch built the bases for these models and the theme of my force is Sucker Punch so I set about building them using Cog-O-Two mdf cogs, cork and styrene I frame for girders.




Student of Conflict



These Ronin have been entered into this month’s #MFXTOP Competition over on Twitter and I’m excited to see how I do against the great talent that enters tge competition every month!

Finally I added to the boxed set with Vanessa,  Treasure Hunter, who is the younger sister of the Viktorias!


Hope you like my new crew for Malifaux!



4 responses to “SWORDS FOR HIRE – A Malifaux Viktorias Crew

  1. Wow, how had I not seen this excellent blog before? Lovely painting of the Viks, and particularly the blue-and-white Ronin. White is so hard to get right and you’ve done a great job. The lighting on the base from Vanessa’s staff is also lovely.

    • Hi, thanks!! Started off with a layer of Citadel Slaanesh Grey, Washed the hair with Citadel Shade Druchii Violet, highlighted the hair with Citadel Slaanesh Grey….then started adding Citadel White Scar into the Slaanesh Grey working on the edges of the hair until it was almost pure white. Hope that helps!!

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