Ragnar’s Host – A 500 Gold Norse Darklands Host

So after lovingly assembling my Norse Faction, which can be read about in my previous blog post, I finally got around to painting through my first Darklands host which I will be showing off in this very post. I also had the pleasure of painting another Darklands host up for Portal Wargaming’s very own TheDreamer……..more on this can be read about in my upcoming guest post on the Dispatches From The Portal in the near future! I really enjoyed painting these models, they are such AMAZING sculpts! Portal Wargaming Centre has them set up as a demo force  on the table seen in the following pictures:

2014-05-31 15.42.21

2014-05-31 15.42.12

2014-05-31 15.42.08 2014-05-31 15.42.01 2014-05-31 15.41.22 2014-05-31 15.41.35 (1)

I took inspiration for the colour of my Trolls from the Darklands Cover artwork:


This is my Tale of 6 Darklands Gamers Force Complete for the 500 Gold Challange but I have received in the post some additions from the previous Kickstarter project, these will give me options as I grow my force up to 1000 Gold and above:

2014-05-31 18.32.41 2014-05-31 18.32.06

Keep checking back for more on my Darklands Norse Project, SCORPIUS GLC OUT FOR NOW!


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