PROJECTS OF THE PAST – Secrets of the Third Reich Soviet Survivors

Ok guys and gals I have had a blog for a while but it was hosted on another site which has since gone, losing all my blog posts in the process. I have however found my old photos from some of the Projects of the Past and so I plan to do a series of posts showcasing these on here………..  and so on with the show…………

Secrets of the Third Reich by Westwind Productions is a Weird World War 2 game set in 1949, the war is ongoing, the occult has been unleashed upon the world along with Mechas and Super Soldiers!!

In 2012 I entered my second Secrets of the Third Reich Grand Tournament and as such did a brand new army for the event! Having done British the previous year I decided on the Russians, and so I went on to buy, build and paint my way through a 55RP army list! Shown below is the result of a months work!

Hammer, Sickle and the Command Squad

Infantry Squad 1

Infantry Squad 2

Siberian Brute Squad

Anti Tank Gun

NAYK Spider Mecha

55RP Soviet Survivor Platoon

I hope that you like my first in a series of Projects of the Past posts, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts…they are always welcome!