Introducing Broken Spirit Wargames & IMMORTAL

Hi guys and gals I am one very excited Wargamer right now as I get ready to introduce you to an AWESOME Wargames Company called Broken Spirit Wargames!!!

A Crusader Is Born…

As some of you may know I started off in the Wargaming World some 26 years ago when I picked up my first White Dwarf and the Marauder Miniatures Goblin King Chariot kit. With a love and passion for Games Workshop kits and systems I never felt the need to look elsewhere for my hobby fix, I knew other companies existed but never really paid them any attention………..that is until my crusade began a few years ago!! As I opened my eyes to the Wonderful World of Wargaming out there other, companies & game systems sprung in to my field of vision and it was a little daunting… do you choose? That is what my World of Wargaming Crusade is all about… highlighting the works of the alternative wargames companies out there to try to give you enough insight to decide if they are for you! Sometimes along the way I have been so blown away by a company or game that I fully endorse them and blow the horn for Wargamers to rally to their side…….this is one of those times!

So who are Broken Spirit Wargames?

Broken Spirit Wargames are a brand new company of dedicated Wargamers that create rule sets for existing miniature lines that currently do not have any. They are getting ready to launch their first game on Kickstarter in 2015 called IMMORTAL which uses the awesome Arthurian and Lucifer’s Wars miniatures from the guys over at Westwind Productions and the Dark Ages miniatures from Footsore Miniatures!

When asked about the companies ethos when rule writing Dean answers:

“Balance is the key, no overpowered units and the little guy should be able to pull the win from the jaws of defeat.” – I don’t know about you guys out there but this is such a refreshing change in a world of wargames with UBER Death Star units, etc. This is one of the Main Reasons why I have chosen to shine a Spotlight on this company!!


This is the first publication for Broken Spirit Wargames, the game is set in 400ad in Dark Age Britain where six factions (Romano Brits, Saxon, Irish, Welsh,Picts and the Tribes of the Pennines) are all engaged in a bloody struggle to become the dominant faction. As the slaughter turns into a stalemate with none of the factions getting the upper hand, an ancient book is discovered. This book teaches the humans to summon the old gods back into existence, the Immortals.

The Immortals appear as gods of good and evil and turn brother against brother, father against son and church against king. Using the human soul’s to feed their war in the spiritual realm, the humans are used as pawns to further the Immortals plans.

The game is based around Westwind Productions fantastic Lucifer’s War range of miniatures and their Arthurian range, Footsore Miniatures have also let them use their incredible Dark Ages range. The game is a 28mm semi-skirmish tabletop wargame for which players will need between 15 to 30 miniatures a side, a 4×4 table, and around an hour and a half to play a battle.

The game is due for release in early 2015 as a full colour hardback book packed full of art, fluff and photographs of amazingly painted miniatures painted by the superbly talented Phil Campbell.

I for one am EXTREMELY excited for this game, It is my pick for 2015, will it be yours? Will you side with good or evil in your quest for dominance of Dark Ages Britain? Join me in the coming months for more articles about IMMORTAL!



PROJECTS OF THE PAST – Secrets of the Third Reich Soviet Survivors

Ok guys and gals I have had a blog for a while but it was hosted on another site which has since gone, losing all my blog posts in the process. I have however found my old photos from some of the Projects of the Past and so I plan to do a series of posts showcasing these on here………..  and so on with the show…………

Secrets of the Third Reich by Westwind Productions is a Weird World War 2 game set in 1949, the war is ongoing, the occult has been unleashed upon the world along with Mechas and Super Soldiers!!

In 2012 I entered my second Secrets of the Third Reich Grand Tournament and as such did a brand new army for the event! Having done British the previous year I decided on the Russians, and so I went on to buy, build and paint my way through a 55RP army list! Shown below is the result of a months work!

Hammer, Sickle and the Command Squad

Infantry Squad 1

Infantry Squad 2

Siberian Brute Squad

Anti Tank Gun

NAYK Spider Mecha

55RP Soviet Survivor Platoon

I hope that you like my first in a series of Projects of the Past posts, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts…they are always welcome!