PROJECTS OF THE PAST: Badab War Astral Claws – Tyrant’s Legion Force

Hi there guys and gals, I am here again with another PROJECTS OF THE PAST post, this time I am going to look at the Warhammer 40,000 Badab War army I did a few years ago……..


Astral Claws Tyrant’s Legion Livery

It was a time before Unbound lists and Allies but the thought of having a mixed Guard and Space Marine list was VERY Tempting…….in the Badab War Book (part of the Imperial Armour Series of books from Forge World) there is a list that allows just that……..and so the Tyrant’s Legion project began.

I no longer own this army, it is know in the safe hands of an American Serviceman but I really enjoyed the project and was a tough one to part with but it allowed me to start work on my Horus Heresy Era Imperial Fists. Take a look through the pictures and drop me a comment as to what is your favourite part of the build!

Lugft Huron

Lugft Huron and his Honour Guard

Guard Command Unit


Space Marine Squad

Guard Squad


Storm Troopers and Chimera Transport

Terminator Squad


Venerable Dreadnought

Force including Storm Eagle and Leman Russ Exterminator

Hope you like this installment of Projects of the Past!


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